Laugh Without Leaking Online Pelvic Floor Course

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Laugh without Leaking is a self-study program that will help you understand where your pelvic floor muscles are, what they do and how to find them (i.e. what they feel like when they’re contracted or relaxed). It will teach you simple movement-based exercises scientifically proven to strengthen your pelvic floor. Understanding how to engage your deep core muscles as you move will help to support your internal organs and prevent any accidental leaks.

This program will help you to understand your body anatomically, and teach you proper breathing techniques and exercises designed to engage the correct muscles. It allows you to work at your own pace, and at a time and location that is convenient for you.

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Laugh Without Leaking

Group Mat Classes

Mat classes are progressive fitness training sessions, focusing on deep core muscles, strength and flexibility. The workout experience is fluid and invigorating and use the strength and resistance of ones own body according to the principles of the Pilates method of exercise. Small props are incorporated to add variety, challenge balance and increase body awareness.

Individuals are required to take an introductory private session to learn how the principles of Pilates apply to their own unique body structure and body awareness, prior to joining a class.


Private training sessions allow you to work on your specific needs. I create a customized workout to help you reach your fitness and health goals. My studio has high-performance Stott Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Stability Chair, Arc Barrel and Spring Wall. Whether you have a physical injury or are working on mastering a sport or are addressing a postural issue, I can create a program that will improve your strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, balance and co-ordination.

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Three hour interactive workshops are designed to teach essential exercises as well as basic body function. I provide a safe, comfortable environment to learn how to prevent or recover from pelvic health issues such as incontinence and prolapse. Workshops are offered through various recreation centres, select physiotherapy clinics, pilates and yoga studios in Victoria BC.

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In Studio Classes & Workshops
Private Pilates classes in Victoria BC.